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Design is your Image to the world

Design is a generic term that we refer to how your company can present itself to the world.
Having a unique design and applying it to all your publications will make you look immediately identifiable. This is the process that our brain activates when we see the most famous brands.
We can create a new original design for you, thus supporting you in the definition of your CI (Corporate Identity) and CD (Corporate Design). We will make your solution look unique.

Break down the phases

  1. Telephony
  2. Call Center
  3. CRM
  4. Messaging
You Logo is a very important element when you present yourself to the world. The logo will be displayed in the website, in your documents, in your customer prospects, in your reports.

A Logo can be a symbol, a text in a special font and color or a combination of the two.

We reserve 2 working days for the Logo. During these 2 days you will have assigned an experienced graphic designer. A Project Manager monitors all the steps below to ensure Netfe quality control over the delivered Logo.

The process involves following steps:

you will express your ideas
we will make short interview
we will propose 4-5 draft ideas
you will select the best option ( if no option is good we loop back to point 1)
we will work on Logo until is ready
we will prepare and deliver a high definition Logo, usable in all media
At the end of the process the Logo belongs to you.

Please see as reference some of the Logos we have prepared.

We define as Corporate Design the unique layout, choice of colors and fonts and how these are organized together. The Corporate Design uniquely identifies your company, is used in all public documents and first in your website.

The Corporate Identity is the connection between the individual and the company. The individual will be immediately identified as part of the company by presenting appriately designed business cards and producing identifiable documents.

We reserve 3 working days for the preparation of the Corporate Identity / Design. A Project Manager and a professional Designer will be involved on our side.

The process involves following steps:

We well have a preliminary meeting with you
We will analyze your current products and services offer
Relating the analysis to your business domain, we will present 5-8 templates options
You will review the options and give feedback
You will select the best option
We will adapt the selected template considering your requests
We will prepare and deliver a template usable for the website
At the end of the process the template will be used as basis for the website.

Please see as reference some of the CI/CD we have prepared.

Once you have a Logo and a defined CI / CD ( Corporate Identity / Design ), we will be able to create templates that you can then use to make all your documents on. All you Word and PowerPoint documents will have the same header and footer, Logo, fonts and colors. After creating documents you will save them as PDF and publishe them on your website, or produce client brochures.

The Word template consists in a blank document with header and footer showing all your information. A PowerPoint template consists in a first page, central page and end page. We usually reserve 4 working hours for the Word and 1 day for the PowerPoint template. The process involves following steps:

we start with your Logo and CI / CD
we make shirt interview asking what information are necessary on the templates
we will propose 1 draft for Word and 1 draft for PowerPoint
you will give us feedback
we will work on templates with your supervision until all information are correct
we will deliver ready-to-use templates
At the end of the process the templates belong to you. During preparation you will have assigned an experienced graphic designer.

Please see as reference some of the Document Templates we have prepared.

Word template, Powerpoint Template, Combo template.