The Process of Going-Online

///The Process of Going-Online
The Process of Going-Online 2017-08-29T16:47:19+00:00

Going online with your business, or restructuring your online presence, can be done in 7 steps. To make the Going Online a smooth experience, all of these steps should be well planned in advance.
We will analyze your case and provide a report. Depending on your situation and needs, only some of the steps below might be necessary.
Nevertheless we would like to give you a full picture representing how your products and services can be translated into business processes and these into IT Systems.

  1. List where (media) you need to be present
  2. List what (your products or services) you want to present online
  3. Define how (design, colors, fonts) you want to present yourself to outside world
  4. Integrate your online presence with other partner systems and with messaging services
  5. Promote your online presence
  6. Integrate your Online presence with other IT systems
  7. Go mobile

A website is a must requirement to be online and the last of other important choices.

Domain Name Registration
As first step you should have a domain name ( for example in, mydomain is the domain name), with the correct domain extension ( the .com of the example before). You might consider to more than done domain names and extensions depending on your situation. During this process we need to have a meeting with you. We can support you during the registration of any domain extension. If you already have one or more domain names we can skip to next point.
DNS – Domain Management
Once the domain names/extensions are defined the next step is the management of the DNS. We can manage the DNS for all your domains. This will include initial setup and further maintenance. We will update the DNS as you go on developing new services.
Your domains will be used mostly for websites and emails. We can provide you with different options of hosting services. The type of hosting you choose can be changed anytime of course. Our hosting services can allow a wide range of options, from a basic website with few contact pages to the most complex and resource demanding needs. Hosting options include the use of cPanel, the most complete tool to self manage your services. Of course you can decide to delegate all administration tasks to Netfe back-office.

You might want to present your products or services or both to your present and new potential customers. You might also want to convey other information to your clients and to other audience. All your needs need to be analyzed in detail before thinking at the possible technical solution.
The result of our analysis will result in a concept. The concept will list a series of elements that will result in the set of features associated to your website.
Let’s make an example with your products and services.

Your Products
Typically a product is something that requires manufacturing, can be purchased and shipped, has a specific warranty associated to it. If you want to sell your products online all the above facts needs to be considered and will be configured in the Online Shop.
Proceed to our Online / eCommerce section.
Your Services
A service is an activity that you make upon request for a client. Like a warranty on a product, it is generally something that does not need to be shipped but is somehow associated to one or more of your products. If you want to track what client had purchased what product and service has purchased then you need a system to manage User Profiles and a connection (gateway) to your CRM ( Customer Relationship Management system).
Multilanguage Content?
If you need to present your products and services to customer in different countries you might want to choose a multilanguage solution.
Proceed to our Multilanguage Solution page.
Proceed to the User Management Section.
Once a complete analysis is done then we will be able to propose the best architecture for the needed features.

After anaylizing what you want to show to your visitors, we have to define how to presenting.
A good combination of content and form is the condition to convey the information efficiently.
We offer not only IT and Engineering but also design services. This will allow to have am homogeneous layout in all your media.
Choose Netfe and we will design and develop a modern, good looking and functional website. Moreover we will be able to deliver any kind or documentation, client brochures and business cards.

This is advanced functionality and not every website or online service needs it. Like all the rest also this part needs to be considered from the beginning.We will list below the most common tasks.

Integration of several websites
Creating a link from one site to another one is a common tasks. More complex is the situation if you have a scenario like the following:
– Site A and site B have common user base
– this means that an user registering on site A will also automatically be registered on site B
– the case becomes even more interesting if you need the user that logs in on site A to be logged in on site B as well. This is a typical case of SSO (Single Sign On)
These tasks can be very complex to manage and this generates costs that are not thinkable for a small-medium company budget. We take the challenge and we trust we can offer a solution to your needs.
Integration with messaging
This option involves the possibility to generate messages after a specific event has occurred. Or to generate an event after a specific message has arrived.
A message can be an email, an SMS (text message), a voice Message or an MMS (picture message).
A typical case is when you want to send an email after a certain product has arrived. Or if you want to verify the mobile number of a specific user. Of course the use cases are only limited by phantasy here.

Generating traffic is one of the most important steps in making yourself known to potential customers. Moreover it is important to attract the users that most probably are interested in purchasing your products and services. There are 2 main processes involved in this phase and are described in the sections below. You will also considering offering ad spaces to others.

Organic Search Optimization
Every search engine will go through your pages. All follow a very complax login, resulting in the ranking of your page. Clarly the higher you page is rated, the more visitor you will have.Although different search engines follows sometimes different logic, there is a main rule: it takes time to climb the ranking and mistakes take time to recover. This is why you should plan this phase very carefully. We can support you for example in avoiding to be crawled by spiders when you site is not ready (which lowers your chances) but only after full optmization has been completed. An efficient site optimization can also lower campaign costs.
Ad-Hoc Campaigns preparation
Promoting campaigns can be done in several ways. We can organize Google Adwords campaigns. We might also promote your website in Facebook and in other specific campaign networks. In some cases Mail campaigns can bring results and also partnerships with other websites can enhance traffic.

Often a website is just the top of the iceberg, the part of your system that is visible to the world.

Often your website will be relating to ther systems. Typical case is to connect it to a CRM System, which yould take care of the customer information, such as hitory of purchases. Another possible integration is to the billing system, which takes care of invoicing. If you sell products you should also have an inventory system (stock management), so that your website would know at any one point if articles are ready to delivery or a message (other gateway system) needs to be sent to vendors.

The options for integration are so many that we cannot list all here. We have a broad experience in integrating systems using efficient SOA (System Oriented Architecture) design.

Depending on your needs, a mobile presence will be needed. We treat this as a separate chapter from the classic website, because (even) the same person, when accessing the website or the mobile site might have completing different needs and behavior. For this reason a specific analysis needs to be done.
Basically there are 2 options, that we briefly describe in the next sections. You might consider to take the first, the second or both.

Mobile site
A mobile site is a version of your website that has simplified layout to adapt to smaller screens and different deign to adapt to touch screens. The basic rule is: the mobile user has little time, so information need to be presented in simple way. Reaction time must be fast even considering the limited bandwidth of the user in the mobile network. The layout can adapt to most smartphones but you should also consider some limitations, for example the files on the device might be not accessible. The same limitation concerns the GPS features, generally not available.
Specific iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Mobile or Blackberry Applications
As opposite to a mobile site, which is the same for all devices, so its a generic application that suffers some limitations, here we can make full use of all the features. We can access local filesystem (documents, pictures), use GPS functionality (locate you next point of sale), use camera and so on. Depending on the vendor (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Research in Motion), you might want to distribute your application for free or sell it. In both cases we can support you, both in the decision (high fees to vendors for example) which way to go and to post your application online. Here the limitation is given by the variety. You might want to select all or only some of the vendors above. This requires further analisys and there we can support you with facts and figures.