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[title size=”2″]Attract quality traffic[/title]

We can help you attracting quality traffic to your website, exposing your products and services to the people who are really interested in buying them.

If you already have traffic and you want to monetize it (for example with banners), we have a separated product for it, the Marketing Cloud. If you want to run direct marketing campaigns (for example with mailing) there is also a specific solution, the Messaging Application.

See below the 4 steps approach we usually take.

[content_boxes layout=”icon-boxed” iconcolor=”#333333″ circlecolor=”#ffffff” circlebordercolor=”#333333″ backgroundcolor=”#f6f6f6″] [content_box title=”1. Business Offer” image=”” icon=”” link=”” linktext=””]We start verifying what you offer and how you present it on your website, store and social media.[/content_box] [content_box title=”2. The Context” image=”” icon=”” link=”” linktext=””]We compare your offer to marked competitors and explore possible presence channels.[/content_box] [content_box title=”3. Propose SEM” image=”” icon=”” link=”” linktext=””]We propose a campaign plan, create ads and publish them following your decisions.[/content_box] [content_box last=”yes” title=”4. Check SEO” image=”” icon=”” link=”” linktext=””]We adapt online presence to the campaigns strategy and content.[/content_box] [/content_boxes]

[title size=”2″]Internet Marketing Services[/title]

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are primarily important steps to make your website known to the public. These consists in fine-tuning each single part of your website so that it is optimally built to be indexed by search engines and promoted in them. We have specialists who can take care of each single step in website optimization and marketing.

[separator top=”30″][pricing_table type=”2″ backgroundcolor=”” bordercolor=”” dividercolor=””] [pricing_column title=”SEM”] [pricing_price currency=”€” price=”499″ time=”($ 649)”][/pricing_price] [pricing_row]You receive 10 hours of a SEM specialist work[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]Specialist verifies your online presence[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]Specialist prepares a campaign plan and proposes keywords[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]Setup of Adwords/Bing/Facebook campaign[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]2 weeks support after campaign start are included[/pricing_row] [pricing_footer][button color=”” size=”small” link=”” target=”_blank”]Order SEM now![/button][/pricing_footer] [/pricing_column] [pricing_column title=”SEO”] [pricing_price currency=”€” price=”50″ time=”/hour ($65)”][/pricing_price] [pricing_row]You receive a SEO specialist for a low fixed price per hour[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]We suggest changes to your online presence based on SEM campaigns[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]We can directly change your website or store[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]Our SEM and SEO specialists will work in sync[/pricing_row] [pricing_row]We offer constant support[/pricing_row] [pricing_footer][button color=”” size=”small” link=”” target=”_blank”]Order SEO now![/button][/pricing_footer] [/pricing_column] [/pricing_table][separator top=”30″]

[title size=”2″]Why Choose Us[/title]

      • Fully responsive so your content will always look good on any screen size
      • Awesome sliders give you the opportunity to showcase important content
      • Unlimited color options with a backed color picker, including the gradients
      • Multiple layout options for home pages, portfolio section & blog section
      • We offer free support because we care about your site as much as you do.

[title size=”2″]What our clients say[/title] [testimonials] [testimonial name=”Stefano Pezzoli” company=”Step Immobilien GmbH”]I received a great support from the initial analysis until months after campaign start. After initial Adwords campaign we also launched a Facebook page and we are receiving fantastic feedback from our clients.[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Belkis Oliveira” company=””]The results of the Adwords campaign exceeded our initial expectations, even for a very challenging market such as the Latin American market. Netfe was able to extend their activities including required languages: Spanish and Portuguese.[/testimonial] [/testimonials]