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Do you have good traffic on your website?

Use it!

If you are the owner, manager or webmaster of a website that has good traffic, you can convert this into cash.

How good does your traffic need to be?
We will not set minimum traffic values, we will rather consider your business domain or niche and evaluate the chances that you might have in that market.

Depending on the status of your website, we will suggest partial redesign, combine current features with voice and messaging or specific Internet Marketing program. The experience shows that a good mixture of these measures can bring excellent results.

The process is very simple:

Registration: you apply for the service;
Configuration: we configure ads on our system according to your website design;
Development: we give you the code to include in your pages. If needed we can do this for you;
Presentation: we sell advertising space on your behalf. You define the prices and all ads related variables;
Collect: we collect the money on your behalf and, at regular intervals, we transfer it to your account;
The cost for this service is limited to the fee that you will be charged at the start of each month.

Please fill the form below so that we can analyze your case and contact you back with our suggestions.

Contact Name
Phone number
Website (URL of your website)
Users per day (average, last 3 months)

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