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6Leisure.com is an online dating site, quite popular today, especially in Latin America. Visitors can find the latest local news, events, photos, videos and much more. It is a classic social network with dating as a core idea.

People can find all upcoming events, register and invite some of their friends. Partners who organize parties in the area submit their own events and communicate with people who will be attending their parties.

Members are able to upload their photos, share some information about themselves and what’s going on in their life. Everything can be commented and rated.

And of course, it’s about dating, so people can search trough members database to find someone they would want to meet. They can chat, check out and rate each other photos. There’s an ability to schedule online speed dating events which is online version of classic speed dating.

The design creates a free and fun mood. Yet the speed and ease of use was the main requirement which were met perfectly.
Initial spamming issue was successfully solved by IP blacklists and custom captcha. There is no way to eliminate the spam completely but we were able to significantly reduce its amount. Now it’s easy to catch and block rare spammers manually.

Administrators can fully manage each functionality with no need to ask developers for help. No technical skills are needed: a great back-end was built specifically for managers.

Thanks for great work and continuous support to the Netfe team!

Belkis Oliveira, 6Leisure Social Media Manager
  • Design: Logo, Website theme (responsive)

  • Development: front-end, back-end, affiliate page

  • Marketing: Internet Marketing (SEO, SEM), Ads Management

  • Hosting: Web, Email, DNS

  • Text Messaging: SMS are sent to verify members mobile phones